Jeb Brugmann

Strategy Applied in the World of the Environment

WWF-UK: Conceiving the ecological “Citysystem”

Author a paper on the transformations needed, at various scales, to make global urban society truly sustainable, and identify new program opportunities for WWF in the urban sustainability field.

Asia-Pacific Urban Institute/City and County of Honolulu: An innovation process for Asian urban leaders

Designed and coordinated an experiential leadership development program involving more than 100 Asia-Pacific governors, mayors, and city executives (with Karl Hausker). Developed and tested the pedagogical approach, curriculum, program cycle and delivery mechanisms, local business promotion, and governance arrangements for the resulting “Mayors’ Commitments Program.”

Kitakyushu: Sustainability as niche economic strategy

Advised the longstanding mayor of Kitakyushu and the city Environment Department on the development of Kitakyushu’s strategy to make “sustainability” a linchpin of its East Asian and international economic development efforts.;jsessionid=44A609C84509F9E5F4E6DFC4D6468EF4?DISPLAY_ID=DIRECT&NEXT_DISPLAY_ID=U000004&CONTENTS_ID=14935

Sustainable Santiago Project: Using sustainability solutions to create coherence in metropolitan planning and growth

Designed, secured resources, and guided a year-long program that introduced applied sustainability solutions (e.g., clean buses, environmental management systems, low-income housing design) to the metro region, thereby also creating a forum for inter-municipal exchange on sustainable urban development (with Sandra Makinson).

Local Agenda 21 (LA21): Localizing the sustainable development agenda

Conceived, gained international endorsement, designed the basic practices and planning methods, and promoted one of the largest community-based planning initiatives in urban planning history, eventually engaging more than 6,500 cities and towns in 115+ countries over more than a decade. Conceived and led promotion of LA21 scaling worldwide through “national campaigns” led by national associations of local government. Designed, secured funding, and co-managed two multi-year action research projects focused on making the LA21 approach valuable for developing country cities: the Local Agenda 21 Model Communities Programme and the Local Agenda 21 Incentive Grants Programme, which together worked in 14 countries (with Pratibha Mehta, Prabha Khosla, and others).

Cities for Climate Protection (CCP): First line of response to the climate challenge

Co-founded the first data- and results-driven international program to mobilize and support cities to inventory and build scenarios on their urban greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions and to establish official ghg mitigation plans, eventually engaging more than 800 cities and counties in 50+ countries (with Phil Jessup, Ralph Torrie, and Nancy Skinner). Conceived, secured US EPA and major foundation resources, and guided a two-year action research project with 12 municipalities to develop the CCP “ghg reduction planning” methodology.

The UN Recognizes the Urban Revolution: Representing the City in international policymaking

Served as the lead technical representative for international associations of cities and local governments over the course of a decade of international diplomacy and policy development on sustainability issues, managing relations with UN departments, commissions, and summit secretariats; preparing policy and white papers; and advocating policy in international negotiation processes. Representational achievements include positions urban and local government issues in UN summit and other multilateral reports including Agenda 21 (1992), the UN General Assembly Special Session on Sustainable Development (1997), the Habitat Agenda (1996), the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (1993-2000), the FCCC Conference of the Parties (1996-2000).

ICLEI: An international environmental agency for local governments

Conceived (1989), founded (1990), and internationally developed ICLEI (1991-2000) as the preeminent international voice and practice innovator on urban sustainability issues in the 1990-2000 period.