Jeb Brugmann

Strategy Applied in the world of business

Food Industry BOP Strategy

Assist a large multinational food company to develop its strategy for expanding product offerings and operations for low-income consumer segments internationally (with Luis Arnal).

Access Distribution India: Testing new models for network-based rural retail

Pilot different rural distribution and village retailing models for a large portfolio of household consumables in one of the world’s most strategically salient retail industry markets, in partnership with a network of 70 village-based retailers (with Avik Roy and Swayam Shikshan Prayog).

Reuters Market Light: Real-time market pricing, local weather, and agricultural expertise for India’s small farmers

Applied strategy support to the chief executive and start-up team of this new Thomson-Reuters enterprise that provides a high-impact, mobile phone-based information service to small farmers. Activities focused on start-up strategy, team competencies, market segmentation, product specification and financial modeling, entry planning, and business process and management tools (with Craig Cohon, Avik Roy).

Nestlé “Bottom of the Pyramid” Strategy Review: Translating local innovations into new business license

Designed and executed a three-day global strategy and best practice review with senior executives, market and product heads (with Craig Cohon). Evaluated by participants as the best and most value-added workshop they ever attended.”

BP and Johannesburg: Cleaner, safer fuels for low-income townships

Managed a three-month innovation process with a new bp South Africa ECM (emerging consumer markets) team that resulted in the launch of a new business in month six offering a cleaner, affordable paraffin (kerosene) fuel in a returnable safety bottle distributed through an innovative township warehousing and spaza shop retailing model (with Avik Roy, Craig Cohon, C.K. Prahalad).

BP Emerging Consumer Market Strategy: Leadership and competitive advantage through innovative market segmentation

Prepared market segmentation methods and analyses (conception, algorithms, data generation, and analysis) to provide bp with a proprietary, granular way to segment the emerging consumer market (ECM), nationally and locally, for its new ECM strategy and business unit.

BP India Rural Distribution Channel: Co-creating business partnership with women’s micro-credit networks

Coached and facilitated a ten-month innovation process with a new bp Indian ECM (emerging consumer markets) team that resulted in the launch of a new business offering a smokeless, high-efficiency biomass cooking solution to hundreds of thousands of households relying on unhealthy, low-efficiency biomass combustion (with C.K. Prahalad, Craig Cohon). Specifically facilitated the co-creation of a large distribution and retailing network for the stove and fuel (with Avik Roy, C.K. Prahalad, the bp team and NGO partners).