Jeb Brugmann

Putting strategy into practice

Jeb sitting in circle

In a world of epochal change, those with ambitions for large-scale impact require highly refined and localized practices to give them traction. In a fast-changing operating environment, micro-level practice innovations, adapted to local operating environments often are the strategy. Jeb Brugmann helps governments, corporations, civic organizations, communities, and social movements translate their ambitions into ’next practices,’ allowing them to behave strategically in day-to-day operations and to succeed in new operating environments. Read more about “Strategy in Disruptive Times.” (.pdf)

The Next Practice innovation process

Jeb sitting in circle

From 2004-2007, Jeb worked with the leading business strategy guru C.K. Prahalad, Craig Cohon, Yann Risz, and Avik Roy to develop a unique, disciplined process for breakthrough innovation. In addition to providing innovation process management and coaching services to executives and their innovation teams, Jeb takes particular pleasure in co-creating the new methods, analytics, business models and processes required to implement and scale innovations. Jeb’s innovation consulting spans three domains: new business development (particularly for “bottom of the pyramid” markets), urban development, and environmental sustainability. Read more about his innovation process and methods.