Jeb Brugmann



Welcome to the Urban Revolution: How Cities Are Changing the World (2009), published in U.S. (Bloomsbury Press), Canada (Penguin/Viking), India and South Asia (Harper Collins), Australia/N.Z. (University of Queensland Press), Netherlands (Business Contact) and China (Renmin University/Cheers Books).

Book Contributions (Chapters)

Overview/Forward in Building Sustainable Communities: A Global Urban Perspective, Vojnovic, I., editor (Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2009).

“Locating the ‘Local Agenda’: Preserving Public Interest in the Evolving Urban World” in Scaling Urban Environmental Challenges: From local to global and back, Marcotullio, P. J. and McGranahan, G, editors (London, U.K.: Earthscan, 2007).

Forward in Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for Citizens and Their Governments, Roseland M. with Sean Connelly (Gabriola Island: New Society Publishers, 2005).

“Agenda 21 and the Role of Local Government” in Earth Summit 2002: A New Deal (London, UK: Earthscan, 2000).

“Local Authorities and Agenda 21″ in Human Settlements: People Making a Difference (San Jose, Costa Rica: Earth Council, 1995)

Journal Articles

“The Mystery of Cities: In a globalized world, urban success has no simple explanation.” A review of Mario Polese’s The Wealth and Poverty of Regions. Literary Review of Canada, September 2010.

Cocreating Business’s New Social Compact”, with C.K. Prahalad in Harvard Business Review, February 2007.

Is There a Method in Our Measurement?—The Use of Indicators in Local Sustainable Development Planning,” Local Environment, Vol.1 No.3 (November, 1996).

“Planning for Sustainability at the Local Government Level,” Environmental Impact Assessment Review (1996;16: 363-379).

“Who Can Deliver Sustainability? Municipal Reform and the Sustainable Development Mandate,”Third World Planning Review, Summer, 1994.

Selected Reports

Urban Land Management and Global Sustainability, with Richard Gilbert and Heather Wood (New York: UN Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development, 2000)

Barriers to the Implementation of Local Agenda 21, with CAG Consultants (New York: UN Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development, 1998)

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Ensuring Environmental Performance: Approaches for Environmental Planning and Management in the New City of Toronto (Toronto: Province of Ontario, 1997)

The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide—An Introduction to Sustainable Development Planning (Senior Editor), UNEP/IDRC/ICLEI, 1996.

Local Government Implementation of Agenda 21 (Toronto: ICLEI, 1997)

Managing Human Ecosystems: Principles for Ecological Municipal Management (Toronto, Ontario: ICLEI, 1992).

Selected Conference Papers

Keynote, World Bank Urban Week, “What’s Wrong with This Picture?:
Co-creating real urbanisms for the next three billion.” The World Bank: Washington, D.C., March 2009

Panelist, Conference on New Directions in Development Assistance, “When the Market and Government Policy Fails: Who Is Filling the Gap?” Oxford University Global Economic Governance Programme: Oxford, June 2007

Speaker, Illinois Institute of Design, Annual Strategy Conference, “Hypothesizing the Emerging Consumer.” IID: Chicago, April 2007

Speaker, 3rd Mayors’ Asia-Pacific Environmental Summit, “Who Leads the Sustainable City?: Lessons from Regional Best Practices”, September 2003

Speaker, CIES World Food Business Summit, “Doing Business in the World’s Biggest Economy: Unleashing the Power of Four Billion People, One Enterprise at a Time,” June 2003

Keynote Speaker, Smart Growth Canada conference, “Smart is Not Enough: Who Drives the City’s Growth?,” May 2003

Speaker, Asia-Pacific Urban Institute, Executive Seminar on Integrated Water Resources Management, “Development by Design: The Case of Curitiba, Brazil”, April 2002

Keynote Speaker, Greater Vancouver Regional District, The Livable Region conference, “The Strategic City.” Vancouver, January 2002

Keynote Speaker, African Solutions Towards Sustainable Urban Development conference, “Sustainable Urban Development in a Global Economy.” Organized by the Government of South Africa, Department of Environment and Tourism with the Governments of Germany, Brazil and Singapore: Pretoria, March 2000.

Keynote Speaker, International Symposium on Local Agenda 21, “Local Agenda 21 and the Competitiveness of Cities.” The Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea and Pusan Metropolitan City: Pusan, March 2000.

Speaker, Inception Conference for the Clean Air Initiative for Latin American Cities, “Urban Transport Emissions, Greenhouse Gases and Global Pollution.” World Bank: Washington, D.C., December 1998.